It’s Engagement Season!

Hello Lovelies!

Did you know that we are full swing into Engagement Season? Well we are! Fall is upon us and LOVE is in the air! I’m sure there a lot of you out there looking for an amazingly creative way to ask for her hand in marriage—and if its not you, then you know the fella who is.

Don’t let such a special moment rack your brain…call a professional Event Planner –yes this IS an event! Give that special lady in your life a fabulous memory and begin the new chapter together in a magical way!

With so many people making the decision to begin life’s journey together during this season, why not give the fellas a little inspiration and a few helpful tips on how to make their proposal one to remember!

  • Start from the beginning – Is there something special or significant about the way you met? Did you connect with your lady in a locale that is sentimental for the two of you? Take your proposal back to that very place! Recreate the very special beginning as you ask her to stay in your life until the end.
  • Send her packing – If you are a more fun and adventurous couple, create a special scavenger hunt for her. Make the clues personal and fun; tie in milestones of your relationship, special places you shared a tender moment—make it fun!! Let the final clue lead her to you, where you’ll be waiting on bended knee to pop the question.
  • Make it a BIG deal – If your lady doesn’t mind a big scene, get your local movie theater manager to let you run a trailer prior to the start of a movie where you are popping the question.  Rent out your favorite restaurant and invite all of your family and friends, she’ll never know she walked in to a surprise proposal. Hire skywriters to pop your question in the sky while you are enjoying your favorite sports game.
  • Get an Extra Pair of Hands Involved – If you want to really go over the top, enlist the services of an Event Planner to help you stage and style your proposal. The stress is off of your plate and you and your lady can walk in to a scene that is all prepared for you to work your magic.

Every girl wants a good story to tell about how her honey popped the question; sometimes the guys just need a little help and/or inspiration. These tips should get him on the right track toward ‘happily ever after’.












Until Next Time,
Be Fabulous! xoxo

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