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Have you ever considered taking your wedding on the road or perhaps even abroad? More and more savvy couples are looking at alternative ways to tie the knot.

~Do you want to keep your nuptials intimate?

~Looking for a “one-stop shop” to have your ceremony, reception and honeymoon in the same locale?

~Have you ever dreamed of getting married at an exotic location?

~Do you and hubby-to-be share a unique interest or hobby that makes a destination wedding the perfect expression of your love?

If you answered “YES” or even “Hmmm” to any of these questions, then don’t rule out the possibility of a destination wedding. And fret not, your planner can still be there in the wings to alleviate the stress of the planning process from your plate….even for your wedding taking place thousands of miles away.  The benefit of having a planner on your team for a destination wedding is the many relationships they have worked hard to establish – we know quality vendors EVERYWHERE!

So many breathtaking backdrops exist on this beautiful planet that can be apart of your love story. Don’t be afraid to do something that is different, and unapologetically YOU.


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