Signature Drinks

Hello Lovelies!

We love, love signature drinks! They are a fabulous add to any event, cocktail hour, or even packaged as a favor for your guests. You can get super creative here: incorporate your theme, make it personal, get jazzy with your choice of stemware/cup. This is a yummy detail your guests will love.

They even work well for parties for the youngsters. I contributed to a Birthday bash for a 13yr old girl, the room they selected had a full bar smack dab in the middle of the room. You may have your own opinions about that, but I wanted to make that bar “functional” for the under aged attendees. We covered the bar in pink and served up “Thirt-tini’s” to everyone (juices and tonic water) and it was a big hit.

Details and your own personal touch are always great for making your event shine bright- and signature drinks accomplish that in a way that’s always a winner for guests!

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