It’s Cuffing Season!!

Hello Lovelies!!

For Brides to be, one of the most important decisions concerning the wedding is probably picking the perfect gown. It has to be an expression of her personal style. The cut should flatter and compliment all of the goodness Mother Nature bestowed upon her. Don’t forget the details— blinged-out bodices, lace overlays and beautiful beading—a Brides gown is a HUGE deal. So once you’ve said “yes to the dress”, why cover up all of it’s glory with a big traditional bouquet?

Highly acclaimed Wedding Designer, Diann Valentine has come up with a solution that is sure to be the next haute thing Brides from all over will embrace: the Bridal Cuff.

It makes complete sense; a less obtrusive, still elegant floral piece adorned with crystal strands that does not hide the beauty of your gown! It comes in “Carrie”, “Lola” and “Morgan”….my personal fave is Morgan, simply because that style serves an extra helping of fabulous!

I love this design, and I’m thrilled to share this hot trend with our brides!

Until Next Time,

Be Fabulous xoxo


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