To Kid Or Not To Kid

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Children and wedding receptions. This can be a hot-button issue for many couples. From the cost of feeding the little tikes, to the thought of them running circles around your custom linens; the quandary some find themselves stuck in is understandable.

Consider these tips if you want the kiddos to rock your reception, but don’t know where to start- they make planning a bit smoother:

1. Negotiate that plate- No need to cringe at the thought of a sweet 8yr wasting his surf & turf; Many caterers are willing to provide a kid friendly meal at a reduced cost.

2. Give them space- And by that, I mean their own. A savvy, growing trend at receptions is to retain a baby-sitting service that will tend the kids during your reception. All they need is a separate room and they come with a myriad of activities (sometimes play equipment) ready to go.

3. The trusty kiddie table- We have all experienced the “kiddie table” at a family function, right? Set a table for the kids with some snacks and things to keep them occupied during the reception. Coloring books, puzzles, granola bars, juice boxes– kids are easy to please!

You may decide that accommodating children at your wedding won’t be a good fit for you– but if you decide to, a little creativity will go a long way toward keeping everyone happy.

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