“Gentlemen, you may smoke”

Hello Lovelies!

So, I am big on incorporating the personality, favorites, likes, etc. of my clients into their events.

Grooms sometimes can get overlooked in the planning of the details in a wedding, especially if he’s that “just tell me when to show up” kind of guy. If your hubby-to-be  is a cigar aficionado, what better way to light his fire than to add a custom Cigar Bar for the gentlemen to enjoy during the reception.

You can set an array of cigar options for guests to enjoy, or to further enhance the experience, feature a Cigar Roller to roll the stogies on-site. Of course don’t forget to pair the cigars with the appropriate Rum, Cognac, Bourbon, or Scotch!! Check out these pictures from a cigar bar we designed for a little inspiration!

“A good cigar is like tasting a good wine: you smell it, you taste it, you look at it, you feel it – you can even hear it. It satisfies all the senses.” – Anonymous

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