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We were recently featured in Long Island Bride & Groom magazine. We were asked to weigh in on what are some of the hottest trends for bridal hair and headpieces. Here is a more detailed overview for you; I hope you find these suggestions to be helpful!

1. What should a bride consider when deciding upon her wedding hairstyle? How does dress design and veil effect their decision?

When a bride is deciding on how to style her tresses for her wedding day, there are a few things she should consider. First, the design of her gown and choice of headpiece are important factors. Choosing a hair style that is complementary to her bridal fashion is essential to the look that she is seeking to achieve. A fine and delicate balance exists between ensuring all of the elements work together to create a jaw-dropping look as the bride makes her way down the aisle.

If the bride is going with a neckline like Bateau, Strapless or Scoop that shows more of the shoulders and decollete, then wearing the hair down, creative braided designs or even a partial up-do is still flattering as it does not conceal those important details on the gown. However, if she decides on a Halter, Jewel, or V-Neck style, and up-do, sassy bun, or short pixie cut are great options because they offer elegance and do not distract from the beauty of the gown design.

2. What are some unique hairpieces brides can use (ie., jewelry, hairbands, etc.)?

Veils are still a beautiful and classic headpieces for brides, but fashion forward brides are choosing other options on their wedding days. Birdcages and Fascinators are a haute trend with brides adorning a more vintage style. Additionally, headbands dressed in pearls, crystals, and brooches are also becoming a go-to choice.

3. What are some general do’s and don’ts?

When considering hair for your big day, here a few do’s and dont’s to keep in mind.

– Schedule a trial-run with your hairstylist. Make sure your style is functional with your headpiece
– Consider the timing of additional services needed to achieve your look (Extensions, Color, Relaxers, Perms)
– Think about after the wedding – are you leaving immediately for your Honeymoon? Will this hair style work at that destination. Have a take-down strategy or choose a flexible hair style so there is no fuss!

– Compromise comfort for a trend. Make sure you are still fabulously YOU.
– Be afraid to try something new. This a magical day, you may be pleasantly surprised by trying a look you hadn’t considered before.
– Stress about it…. whatever your choice is, you will be a beautiful bride! Its your day!

4. What other advice would you give to brides? What are some current hair trends for brides?

As you plan for your bridal fashion, find a look that represents you. Don’t feel compelled to go with the status quo. Let your gown, hair, headpiece, etc. be a unique expression of your personal style.

If you want to stick with current hair trends for brides, consider the following:

– Braids – Give your hair a unique twist with a fish tail, or creative crowned french braids.
– Buns – Chic Top-Knots, messy buns, and classic side-swooped buns are still hot down aisles
– Short Hair- Many brides are rocking pixie cuts and edgy layered styles on their wedding days

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